Expectation:   Minimum 2 hours training per week

  • Continued development of effective drill work
  • Ability to swim 50m of all strokes and 100m IM competently in race conditions
  • Complete 50m repetitions of drills and full stroke
  • Working towards 100m repetitions
  • Develop an understanding of using the pace clock to aid training

Equipment required at each training session:

  • Fins
  • Float
  • Paddles
  • Snorkel
  • Log Book

Fees:  £41.00 per month



Swim Session Timetable:


Tuesday Evening 6—7pm
Weds Morning 6.30—7.30am
Thurs Evening 7—8.30pm
Fri Evening 6..30—7.30pm
Sun Evening 4—5pm