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Information for parents

As a parent you play a key role in ensuring your children are safe when they are placed in the care of St Ives Bay Swim Club.

Wavepower is the ASA Child Safeguarding Policy & Procedures manual.  Section 6 of Wavepower is specifically written for parents. Our Club Welfare Officer can make this section available to you to view as a hard copy or it can be accessed on the link below.

While the ASA is confident the majority of its clubs, and specifically those with a swim21 accreditation, have very good, proactive child welfare policies, they acknowledge that sometimes problems can develop that require action.

So to ensure you as a parent feel reassured that St Ives Bay Swim Club is a safe environment in which to leave your child or young person, the ASA have developed guidance based on Wavepower.

Below you will find links to information such as who to contact and advice on raising issues of poor practice or child welfare.

As a parent you also play a key role in the welfare of your child and their development at the club:

  • Ensure that you always show support and encourage to all young people at the club along with their coaches and the volunteers working hard to run the club and activities.
  • By becoming involved in the club they will see how you value the club and the activity that your child is undertaking.


Wavepower 2016-19: The ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Wavepower 2016–19 is the latest Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication which replaces all previous versions. It has been produced to assist in safeguarding and protecting children in our sport and must be adopted by all ASA affiliated clubs and organisations.

Ensuring that children are safeguarded should be a key part of how St Ives Bay Swim Club operate and helps to provide a safe, happy and fun environment in which children can learn to swim and develop their skills.

The responsibility to safeguard children does not belong to any one person, but instead belongs to everyone who plays a part in delivering the sporting activities. Wavepower is intended for anyone involved in these activities and offers practical guidance and information on mandatory requirements and good practice.

You can download each section of Wavepower 2016-19 below:

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